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What is Backup & Restore Services?

Backup and restore is used if the original data and applications are lost or damaged due to a power outage, cyberattack, human error, disaster or some other unplanned event.

With digital transformation in full swing, the demand for increasingly scalable, capable and affordable backup and recovery solutions is greater than ever. Backup and restore is an essential component of any business’ disaster recovery strategy.

Why Backup & Restore Services matters?

Data is essential to organizations of all types and sizes. You need a robust data backup and disaster recovery plan because it provides a roadmap for the people responsible for taking charge in a disaster scenario to know who is doing what and in what sequence to restore operational functionality. Your DR plan should include both people and processes, serving as a guide for employees to follow as they bring your business back up.

A robust data backup and disaster recovery plan also should ensure that your data is always protected — as and after you move it from day-to-day, production systems for short- and long-term retention. And with the best backup and disaster recovery plan, you will always have your data readily available should you need it.


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